Fiscal & Legal Working Group


Responsible for drafting the required Model Contracts and Regulations and generally providing advice on legal implementation matters

  • Draft Licensing Guidelines for open acreage round # 1
  • Develop framework for open acreage licensing round # 1
  • Draft priority regulations for Commission and Authority
  • Set up royalty based on price framework
  • Draft regulations on fiscal gas price for Commission
  • Commencement of voluntary conversion of Licenses and Leases
  • Replacement of midstream and downstream licenses
  • Review Decommissioning and Abandonment Plans
  • Review Gas Distribution Licenses
  • Review midstream tariffs
  • Modify current JV into possible IJVs
  • Setting up Decommissioning and Abandonment Funds for Licensees and Lessees which currently have no such funds – Section 246(2).
  • Implementation of non-confidentiality provisions – Section 94.
  • Voluntary conversion and relinquishment team – Section 103(1) and 104(3).
  • Environmental Management assessment team for existing Licensees and Lessees
  • Setup of Host Community Development Trusts